Newspix24 Oy Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions are valid for all images deliveries between Newspix24 (Newspix24) and Customer (Customer) unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Newspix24 handles image to customer, or registered customer downloads high resolution image to agreed media for one-time publication unless otherwise agreed. The customer is responsible for all publishing of the image as the responsible publisher. The price of the publication right is determined according to the Newspix24 price list. The images may not be resold, copied or lent to third parties.

Valid VAT will be added to all prices. For customers in another EU country, no VAT will be charged if the customer can show valid VAT number. Payment terms with invoice is 21 days net.

Remarks on invoice must be made within 7 days.

Images published must always be accompanied by clear byline with Newspix24 and the photographer's name. Image report, with information on how, and when the image has been used, should be sent to Newspix24 after publication.

Images may not be manipulated electronically without the written permission of Newspix24.

Images may not be copied or filed / stored by the customer without permission from Newspix24 longer than the period necessary for the current production.

Images may not be used in advertising or for political purposes without permission.

The buyer is responsible for the delivery of image material from the person designated by the customer for the image delivery.

Newspix24 is not liable for damage caused by the customer. Published image, or image can not be used for special purpose or image could not be delivered. Newspix24 is not liable for indirect or other incurred intermediary costs.

Newspix24 Oy

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