About Us

Newspix24, produces news, editorial and sports photos from Finland.

Our agency focuses on quality, speed, reliability of delivery and strong experience in news photo and picture agency work. Our network of freelance photographers covers whole Finland.

Newspix24 is a service oriented agency, that you can reach 24/7 from one telephone number and from one email address.

The agency's two founders both have over 30 years of experience in news photo production and working for picture agencies. All freelance photographers in our network are also experienced professionals.

  • Matti Matikainen, CEO, Photographer 
  • Kalle Parkkinen, Photographer

Here are the organizations for whom Newspix24 offers currently picture feeds from Finland:

  • MVphotos, Finland
  • Bildbyrån, Sweden
  • Dalle photo agency, France
  • Imago Sport, Germany
  • Sipa USA, USA
  • Aflo, Japan
  • Witters, Germany
  • La Presse, Italy
  • Gordon Press, Spain
  • PIXELL, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia
  • Russian Look / Global Look Press, Russia
  • CTK, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Xposure, United Kingdom

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